Tuesday, November 13, 2012

(photo by Paul Kuimet)

(photo by Paul Kuimet)  

Artishok Biennale III

10 x 10 meters (EST) action
7. October 2012
/theatre.now – Performance Compost
Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki 

Monday, October 8, 2012

book by Erkki Luuk and c: 

Tammeöö (direct translation "oak night") has been a mental state, artificial psychosis, experimental phenomenology, radical essentialism; a study on site-specifics, mythogeography, language, landscape, slowness, desires; destruction of reality, symbolic order and destruction itself; a constant condition beyond whatever; being somewhere underground, before and after any kind of existence. What started out in 2008 as the mental protocol for an art collaboration between Erkki Luuk and Tanel Rander (c:, chaneldior, chaneldyor, Egon Zunerg), was officially transformed into an open religion in 28.09.12 

interviews, media: 

Monday, May 21, 2012

30.04.-20.05.2012 in Y Gallery, Tartu 

„Decolonize This“ is first part of aristic research that is focused on geographical identity creation and politics in Estonian and in wider East-European context, using decolonial practices and postcolonial theories. The exhibition observes different layers of coloniality and by questions and hypothetical statements, moves from one layer (imperialism, occupation, self-colonialism of nation states, neocolonialism) to another, criticizing the production and exploitation of massive regional identities, and analyzing the systematically marginalized East-European identity and it`s original relation with the Western society. The aim is to widen geographical consciousness and place sensation (in the context of Tartu) of the community, as well as critical thinking in respect of the past and the present. The exhibition presents certain places and their hypothetical and hidden meanings that are not widely known because of certain processes of identity politics. 100 kilos of cornmeal is shared for free to persons interested or in need.
Thank you Laura Põld, thank you Marek Mäemets, thank you Epp Kubu, thank you Eva Labotkin, thank you Indrek Grigor, thank you Kaisa Eiche, thank you Eesti Kultuurkapital, thank you Archimedes, thank you Balti Veski AS, thank you Timo Toots, thank you Tartu Kunstimaja, thank you Tartu Kunstimuuseum


The whole exposition is uploaded here

The documentation video is here

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Here is my English blog with sketches of conceptual works and practices in the field of landscape, psychogeography and postcolonial East-Europe.