Wednesday, December 1, 2010

c:, erkki luuk


Tallinn City Gallery 25.11. - 12.12.10

"midwinter hlog" is part of the mental state "oak night" (tammeöö) of collaborating artists c: and erkki luuk. other such parts are the psychogeographic expedition "humane pöög" (24.02.09, tartu), the performance "oak night" (01.03.09, tartu), the book "tammeöö" (to be published in 2012), the performance "road of tree" (by erkki luuk, 14.11.09 tallinn, 04.05.10 tartu, 15.10.10. celje, slovenia), and the exhibition "the end of uriaat"(19.11. - 11.12.10 tartu y-gallery).

photo by jaam

erkki luuk, c:


keldres -- v käigus

400 aattat


kui keldritest selgub 400-aastane ussjätkesse tompunud garg

cellers -- o in a cave
400 yeers


when cellars rise a 400 years old vermiform stumping garg

Tartu Y Gallery 19.11. - 11.12.10

photos by kaisa eiche

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

photos by kris moor

Performance "Absolution"
by chaneldior and Roomet Jakapi
in exhibition "Absolution"
by Eva Labotkin, Epp Kubu, chaneldior and Roomet Jakapi

Poetics of bureaucracy, fascination of formalism

Lawsuit against the world due to the fact...

"Is hereby defined by presenting a subject or speaker's appeal here in this section yet to be set against the recipient, due to the fact that an indeterminate length of time is shown by the fact that this complaint is based, and parts. This fact is relevant to this complaint by a person in fact occur at the time when the appeal preparation and presentation time, ie after the fact appear, and, as in this complaint, hereinafter stated, the fact that the occurrence during which includes the complaint, limited (but not only) moment. The evidence shown by the fact the content and composition of this complaint, please address the factual and inalienable, legal, reasonable, routine basis, and legitimizer".

photo by kris moor


Monday, September 6, 2010

Lecture "On phenomenology of Tartu/Emajõgi and the hypothesis of dwarf`s route"
International Conference, Scientific Conference 2010
curated by Erkki Luuk
02.10.2010, Conference Centre of Tartu University Library


Friday, August 20, 2010

installation "Hunter`s trap"

exhibition "Golden Calf", Tartu Art House
13. - 29.08.10

performance-lecture "Nameless Dot Theory"

international badger, scientific badger
as introduction to
International Conference, Scientific Conference

c:, erkki luuk, roomet jakapi, luulur, martiini
05.08.2010 in Tartu

video: the opening
video: lecture of Roomet Jakapi

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

solo exhibition by c:
25. - 27.09.10, East Creative Space, Tallinn

The exhibition "Geneesia" (genesia, derived from genesis, nesos) is part of interdisciplinary research on existential grand narratives in terms of landscape. The research focuses on island phenomena and insularity as the most fundamental and antropomorphic landscape construction to p
rovide narratives for human existence. The conceptual framework includes interpretation and genesis of creation myths, visual theory of ontology, language games with grand narratives and new landscape based existential narrative.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The works of Anon Porx, firstly introduced by Tartu Trash project, are now out of closet.

Three paintings exposed in Estonian Art Museum until 10-th of October 2010.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010